Professionally guided fishingtours in Bosnia-Hercegovina


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Here you will find information on our wide range of professionally organized fishing trips. We have aligned our services specifically to sustainable fishing without harming the fish. Anglers can enjoy our superb experienced guiding on our pristine waters. The extraordinary big fishpopulation, especially from the danube salmon makes fishing in our waters  extremely promising. The hunt for exceptionally large fish is also successfully possible, the biggest trouts from our destinations had up to one meter length.

Our offers

  • Guiding for Danube Salmon

    Our sustainable pursuit of fishing and the exceptionally high natural population density of danube salmon in our river make the chances of catching one of these fish with us accordingly unusually high - even with the fly.

  • Guiding Flyfishing

    We guide and accompany you on day trips to various bosnian fishing destinations. Our multilingual guides know their jobs and our waters and fish.

  • Licenses

    We can provide you all the licenses for the destinations we offer. Fast, reliable and uncomplicated.

  • Accommodation

    There are 2 fully-equipped bungalows as accommodation available, each with 6 or up to 10 beds, bathroom, kitchen, satellite TV and Wi-Fi access.